Helping you to reach the balance of body, mind and soul.

Holistic interventions and prevention allow us to create wellness programs that increase clients’ resilience and genetic health expression by utilising protective factors.

Whether you require a one-off session to resolve a particular problem, or a longer term well-being improvement program, we can offer a range of approaches and therapies:

Genome Sequencing and Analysis

Genome Sequencing, DNA Analysis and Epigenetics

to improve your diet, physical activity, health and overall wellbeing:

DNAfit and PRO FIT packages

My Toolbox Genomics packages

Circle Premium whole genome sequencing package

Thriva blood tests with £10 off – home blood tests give you health insights, support and advice.

Vitall comprehensive blood testing at home and in partner clinics.

HealthExpress pharmacy and clinic – get your medicine, prescriptions, covid-19 tests etc.

Relaxation Therapy to remove the tension, learn the techniques and improve the wellbeing.

Book Your Free Initial Consultation

  • The initial consultation helps us to decide what kind of therapy would be most helpful.
  • Please note that currently most therapy sessions are carried out remotely via Zoom (GMT)


Member of the British Association for Holistic Medicine & Healthcare

"Healthcare cannot be based on the body alone. Though the application of technologies to biological faults can be immensely valuable, it is incomplete."
"Effective humane healthcare must take into account peoples’ thoughts and feelings, their relationships and spiritual life.  Far greater emphasis should be placed on preventing ill-health..."
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Balens insured

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