Genome Sequencing and DNA Analysis

to improve your health, diet, physical activity and well-being

DNAfit Diet

DNAfir Diet test
DNAfit Diet

“I want a new approach to my diet and nutrition”

Take full control of your diet and nutrition by unlocking everything there is to know about your dietary DNA profile. And you will get the Meal Planner prepared by qualified dieticians!

DNAfit Health

DNAfit Health test
DNAfit Health

“I want a fitness, nutrition & wellbeing makeover”

DNAfit most popular test! Get unrivalled insight into diet, nutrition, fitness and well-being. Meal Planner and Elevate online training platform access included!

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Would you like to get MORE?

Pro Fit package could be the best option for you!

42 reports, professional interpretation and advice from the certified fitness & nutrition trainer, Meals Planner and Training Plans based on your test results.

Check out the details below and contact us to get tested for £159 (postage included)

PRO FIT is not just a DNA test

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to our health; we’re all different and what works for one person may not for another. That’s where DNAfit can help. With a simple saliva swab, we can unlock patients’ genetic data, removing the guesswork and allowing them to make actionable changes towards a healthier life. We believe that giving patients reports on their nutritional needs, fitness insights and their sleep and stress predispositions will inspire them to take control of their health and wellbeing.

We understand that the journey towards a healthier life can be difficult – that’s why we’ll provide support along the way for patients. With plenty of advice from our digital platform and app, plus an expert consultation, genetically-guided meal planner and exercise programme, patients will be empowered to make positive lifestyle choices.

Pro Fit DNA test video

A new approach to health 

We exist in a culture of misinformation. Fad diets bring conflicting information on the best way to train; and the media continues to tell us to cut out a different food group each week – no wonder people are confused! The simple truth it that there is no miracle cure or one way of approaching our health, fitness and nutrition. That’s why we need a new approach to health that accounts for us as individuals. From complete beginners to professional sportsmen, DNAfit has helped numerous people restructure the way they view their own health and wellness, revolutionising their lifestyles in a positive way. DNAfit allows people to achieve their goals faster and more confidently, creating more sustainable ways to changing their eating, training and stress management habits, and through this, offering them an effective solution to obtaining optimal health and wellness.

Our scientists developed the world’s first genetically guided exercise algorithm, called The DNAfit Peak Performance Algorithm™, to help people personalise the way they plan their workouts using their genetic profile. Scientific innovation is what we do, knowing that our product worked in theory, wasn’t enough for us. We put our power/endurance algorithm to the test and published this study in a respected scientific journal. 

DNA health

Prevention is the way forward

Preventative health is at the forefront of everything we do. Too often, we’ve seen people take the reactive approach, solving health issues only once they become problems. We believe in the power of prevention using genetics. Most of the biggest health problems we face today are preventable including obesity or heart disease. With the right information, people can proactively reduce their risk before it becomes a problem. Our DNA test empowers people with knowledge about their body and shows them how to make positive lifestyle changes that will have long-term benefits for their health and wellness. Our professional product, Pro Fit, has a focus on prevention – that’s why we’ve included two new genetic reports on Obesity Risk and Bone Mineral Density.

How does it work? 

The human genome holds a treasure trove of information about human development, physiology and evolution. Scientific research around the field of genetics has expanded over the years and through it we have gained invaluable insight into how the human body and our own unique genetic makeup works. DNAfit has converted the scientific advances in human genomics into an affordable, consumer-friendly product that intends to transform the fitness and nutrition industries and how we perceive our own health. From the way we see it, the DNAfit experience is a journey. It begins with a simple mouth swab test that is sent for analysis in our laboratory in the United Kingdom. We analyse the complex relationship between your genes and health, fitness and nutrition. Because of this, it becomes a valuable tool to improving the health and wellness of your patients. We use cutting-edge molecular technologies in conjunction with our dedicated team of experts in the fields of genomics, nutrigenetics and sports science. DNAfit provides accurate, reliable, high-quality services that are performed according to the highest of international standards. 

Our understanding of genomics has come a long way, but there’s an even longer way to go. We’re helping turn the ‘don’t-knows’ into ‘do-knows’ with our Exercise & Nutritional Genomics Research Centre.

Privacy and security

DNAfit abides by a strict code of practice as a means of self-regulation in order to establish full trust and transparency between ourselves and our customers. We maintain the highest possible standards of security and adhere to strict controls regarding data protection and security. We also self-regulate by spot checking our labs, to uphold our reputation as a reputable brand in the DTC genetic testing industry. We only test for the genetic variants associated with health and fitness, and nothing more. We keep the results anonymous and private, storing no personal information. 

We also only test for genetic variants that have undergone multiple studies that prove their effect on fitness and nutrition. There is also no right or wrong when it comes to genes; they simply determine who you are. DNAfit maintains that it is not to be used as a talent or sport identifier and is not to be used by anyone under the age of 18. It is a powerful and insightful report of how best an individual can adjust their fitness and nutrition regimes in order to achieve their personal goals”.


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