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We prepare and post tests and quizzes with the aim to help you realise where you are at the current stage of your life journey.

Based on the results of the test/quiz you will get some easy to follow tips and. Should you need more information and personalised advice, we are here to help!

How can stress be good for you?

It may seem strange to even consider that stress can be good for us. We are always being told about the negative effects of stress and how we should do everything in our power to avoid it. However, the right amount of stress can be good for us.

How innovative could you be?

Innovation is often about small changes, variations, extensions and twists on what exists already. How innovative you are or could be very much depends on your environment, your perspective, your attitude and your confidence. Here are some quick tips to channel your inner innovator.

brain idea

Are your beliefs ruining your chance of success?

You may feel that you’re doing OK at work or there may be a niggling awareness that you could do better. Many people sit with the status quo because it’s simply too difficult to do anything else, but, if you examine some of your core beliefs, the power to make a change may be a lot simpler than you think.

PERMA wellbeing quiz

What’s Your Level of Wellbeing?

This 23-questions quiz is based on the PERMA model’s 5 pillars of wellbeing (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment) with negative emotion and health. Based on you results you will get some tips and tools to improve these main areas of wellbeing.

Can it be that you are Depressed?

This test is based on PHQ-9 and facilitates in recognition of symptoms of depression. Thinking about the past TWO WEEKS, select how often you have been bothered by certain things from the following list.

What’s Your Purpose in Life?

Looking to gain a little direction in work and life? Take this short quiz to discover your true calling. You will also get some tips for making goals that align with your unique strengths!


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