Helping you to reach the balance of body, mind and soul.

Holistic and integrative BodyMindSoul approach can be described as a process of transformation that spreads beyond the physical expression of an illness or a difficulty that the client experiences, and is based on the scientific knowledge and incorporates ancestral wisdom, techniques and practices.

It is a blend of complimentary and traditional therapy approaches and modalities that are used in conjunction with each other.

Holistic interventions and prevention allow us to create personalised wellness and wellbeing programmes that increase clients’ resilience and genetic health expression by utilising protective factors.

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Studies support the statement that the therapies, addressing whole system of being and functional links between mind and body, may be particularly effective in treating the range of symptoms associated with chronic disease. As Socrates said “the part can never be well unless the whole is well”.

Whether you require a one-off session to solve a particular problem, or a longer term wellbeing improvement programme, we can offer a range of approaches and therapies:

For Your Body

Therapies for the Body

Genome Sequencing and Analysis to improve your health, diet, physical activity and fitness based on your DNA and epigenetics.

Thriva and Vitall blood testing.

For Your Mind

Therapies for the Mind

Psychological Wellbeing counseling and coaching to facilitate emotional, cognitive and behavioural change.

CBT and Hypnotherapy to remove the limiting beliefs, habits and phobias.

For Your Soul

Therapies for the Soul

Soul Transformation Therapy to find and heal the core issues that cause your limitations & emotional blocks.

Yoga Nidra to enhance your physical and mental health, improve the intuition and insight.

The change process begins with you, fill in your application below!

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Therapy success depends on the teamwork between the therapist and the client, hence your intention, willingness and readiness to participate are crucial.


“Germain is highly intuitive, deeply compassionate listener who brings clarity to whatever perceived blocks may be holding you from moving forward in your life”.

Christina M., 2021

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  • The initial 15-20 minutes phone or video consultation helps us to agree on the most helpful personalised approach.
  • Most therapy sessions are delivered online via Zoom (GMT), some in person in London (addresses below).

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"Healthcare cannot be based on the body alone. Though the application  of technologies to biological faults can be immensely valuable, it  is incomplete."
"Effective humane healthcare must take into account peoples’ thoughts and feelings, their relationships and spiritual life.  Far greater emphasis should be placed on preventing ill-health..."

The change process begins with you, fill in your application above!

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