Whole Exome Sequencing and Analysis

The World’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test

Invest in Your Well-being by understanding everything your DNA can tell you today!

Circle Premium DNA package

Circle Premium is the perfect All-In-One package that includes Vital, Health, Family Planning DNA tests and more!

Vital DNA Test: Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Insights, 125 reports, 14 categories

Health DNA Test: Live Healthy For Your DNA, 115 reports, 4 categories

Family Planning DNA Test: Protect Your Child From The Start, 163 Hereditary Conditions

Drug Response DNA Test Analyses 103 FDA Approved Drugs

Free Updates for Life: Via WES Technology, receive annual updates and discover new insights on your DNA (Value of 69 USD/year)

Read more about the reports here.

Top 3 Benefits:

The World’s Most Comprehensive Test

Discover 500+ reports across 20 categories

99.9% Analytical Accuracy Externally Validated

Tests validated by the Croucher Laboratory of Human Genomics

Circle Magazine Blog by Circle Premium DNA testing
Circle Magazine

Circle Magazine is your new health and wellness blog and digital hub created for like-minded health nuts, fitness optimisers, anyone who wishes to live better with the power of preventive health. Here we share bite-size health tips, real-life health stories and latest genetic-related findings, all brought to you by the world’s most comprehensive DNA test CircleDNA. The latest articles include:

  • Obesity Symptoms, Causes, Health Risks & Treatment
  • Eat The Rainbow This Pride Month
  • How DNA Testing Changed Award-Winning Bodybuilder Mack Fitt
  • Is Your DNA Keeping You From Getting Your “Perfect Body”?

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