Soul Transformation Therapy: Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

Soul Transformation Therapy™

Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

Theory of Life Purpose Blockages

One of the greatest keys to increased well-being is connection with the sense of purpose and service. But sometimes we just feel a certain way or behave a certain way without insight as to why, outside of our conscious awareness.

“It is natural to feel inspired when motivational speakers state that we use only a small percentage of our talents – ‘imagine if nothing held you back’ they say. And it is certainly true that most of us could achieve and manifest so much more…

Yet many issues lie on the unconscious heart and soul levels which is why, much as we may be inspired by the world of coaching and therapy we can get only get so far with motivational methods that promise transformation, before we get stuck or fall into old patterns.

Therefore we need to bring solutions from not only the mental levels but also the spiritual, emotional, body memory and sometimes even ancestral level to address the core origin. These also needed to be integrated into the present personality in a way that can organically take hold and fit with the current life.

Fortunately today we have more access than ever before to spiritual technologies and systems which for so long have been esoteric or hidden. Different symptoms require different solutions and a Soul Transformation Therapist is equipped with a method to diagnose the core issue and also a variety of solutions or healing interventions to address this.

Furthermore when the Soul is constricted into the physical body it is expressed through many subselves with a central awareness to varying degrees. 

We are influenced by archetypes and polarities and many of us have ‘polarity subselves’ taking up much space in our inner world and then manifesting out into circumstances in the physical world. Therefore very often, a Healing will involve bringing unconscious subselves to conscious awareness. Our other method is to work on unifying the personality to blend with the Soul / whole.

One of the beauties of this work is that it can be used for spiritual growth / personal development sessions even when there are no obvious symptoms presenting.”

“Many widely trained therapists in Japan commented that this modality puts together the essence of their favourite modalities into a very clear and structured package and we always end with a ‘Soul Plan future reading’ which points a way forward for the clients post the healing intervention. Besides attaining a new healing modality it is very beneficial on a personal level.” 

Blue Marsden, the Holistic Healing College

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Soul Transformation Therapy
Soul Transformation Therapy

Structure of a Soul Transformation Therapy Session

  1. Discussing the symptoms and Counselling 
  2. Determining the Polarity experience and the Separation pattern (the core issue which is blocking the person from fully connecting with their purpose) using the Soul Plan energy cards 
  3. Facilitating a Healing Intervention (i.e. a tree of life soul retrieval method, an energy psychology / dynamic energy healing method and Soul Plan Archetype work, which is similar to parts work / voice dialogue / jungian shadow work)
  4. Integrating with forgiveness 
  5. Carrying out the Future Spread using the Soul Plan energy cards to determine an opportunity, a solution and result or gift.
  6. Grounding 

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“The wounding or fragmentation of a person’s soul as a result of sudden fear, trauma, abuse, accidents, war, conflicts, and so on, is seen as a leading cause of illnesses, immune-system deficiencies, and all-around dysfunction of physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

If not treated, soul loss can result in a permanent condition, repeating dysfunctional patterns, and avoidance of engaging in life’s opportunities.

You might want to think of Soul healing as trying to find and fit lost pieces of yourself as you put together the jigsaw puzzle of your true self. If you could see those missing pieces, you would have a complete beautiful picture. I can’t imagine there is anything more healing and satisfying than that.

Itzhaak Beery
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