Are your beliefs ruining your chance of success?

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You may feel that you’re doing OK at work or there may be a niggling awareness that you could do better. Many people sit with the status quo because it’s simply too difficult to do anything else, but, if you examine some of your core beliefs, the power to make a change may be a lot simpler than you think.

Start by thinking about your opinion of what your future entails: do you have a sneaky belief that everything is predetermined so you might as well just wait and see what happens?

If so, consider the possibility that there is no supernatural control or that fate is really all about what you have the potential to be; do you tend to give up, after experiencing a series of setbacks, assuming that you’ll never reach your goals? Then consider that almost everything worth achieving involves some setbacks and some risk. If you decide to just wait and see or you never take the risk you’ll never prove to yourself what you could be.

Assess how you assess yourself: do you worry all the time about what people think of you? If you do you could be making yourself unnecessarily vulnerable. Make a point of listening to and internalising positive feedback and learning from the constructive, but don’t define yourself based on others’ opinions of you. Try giving yourself a 360 feedback as a first step in trusting your own opinion of you. It will boost your self-confidence and your subsequent ability to take action.

Examine your emotional reaction to events: It can be difficult to put a rational head on when you feel something very strongly, but your emotions are based purely on your perception of what is happening and that may be limiting your potential to see opportunities and solutions. Try seeing the situation from another person’s point of view. It may not be very comfortable initially, but it will give you a more informed and emotionally balanced perspective.

If you want to move forward or change in any way you have to understand and challenge your own preconceptions and beliefs. So rethink your attitude to risk, fate and effort, have faith in your own understanding of who you are and get some perspective on every situation you face.

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