Chakra Therapy for Holistic Energy Healing

clearing blockages in chakras and balancing the flow of energy

The Chakra Therapy* provides you with the powerful techniques to facilitate healing on all levels (physical, spiritual, emotional and mental) through clearing the blockages in the chakras and balancing the flow of energy and restoring your aura.

*The word “therapy” comes from a Sanskrit root meaning is “to sustain, support, nourish.”

7 chakras correspond with particular emotional and psychological patterns. Future physical illness first appears in the energy system, hence bringing the awareness to this system and clearing the blockages can be a part of the preventative therapy. Self-awareness is the key to personalise self-care and create health potential. This is not an external fix through medication, but instead deeper self-knowledge that needs constant work, and also shifts the locus of control from external to internal.

Chakra Therapy

After the Initial Assessment and the discussion of the symptoms the blockages will be identified and appropriate techniques suggested:

Sound therapyPolarisation
Crystals therapyChakra Charging
AromatherapyYoga Nidra
Chakras Therapy Techniques

Chakras Crystals Therapy
Chakras Crystals

Chakra Techniques

1st Chakra Muladhara

Sound: mantra LAM, 396Hz, note C

Crystals: Red garnet, jasper, fire agate, onyx, ruby, tourmaline

Aromatherapy: cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver

Yoga: plank pose, cow face pose, star posture

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2nd Chakra Swadhisthan

Sound: mantra VAM, 417Hz, note D

Crystals: carnelian, coral, citrine, calcite

Aromatherapy: bergamot, sandalwood, geranium, orange

Yoga: cobra pose, butterfly pose, camel posture

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3rd Chakra Manipura

Sound: mantra RAM, 528Hz, note E

Crystals: lemon quartz, citrine, amber, pyrite, yellow jade

Aromatherapy: chamomile, rosemary, ginger root, lemon, peppermint

Yoga: spinal twist, cobra pose, pose of tranquility

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4th Chakra ANAHATA

Sound: mantra YAM, 639Hz, note F

Crystals : carnelian, rose quartz, green aventurine, amazonite, jade

Aromatherapy: basil, sage, fennel, eucalyptus, rose

Yoga: cobra pose, mountain posture

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5th Chakra VISHUDDHI

Sound: mantra HAM, 741Hz, note G

Crystals: sapphire, turquoise, sodalite, azurite, aquamarine

Aromatherapy: orange, eucalyptus, cypress, sage, lilac, lemongrass

Yoga: cobra pose, lion pose, sun salutation

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6th Chakra AJNA

Sound: mantra OM, 852Hz, note A

Crystals: amethyst, azurite, sodalite, lapis lazuli, tanzanite

Aromatherapy: patchouli, angelica, rosemary, lavender

Yoga: pose of tranquility, mountain pose, palming

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7th Chakra SAHASRARA

Sound: 963Hz, note B

Crystals: spirit quartz, rock crystal, diamond, moonstone

Aromatherapy: the blend, lotus

Yoga: pose of tranquility, sun salutation

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