Epigenetics and Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a multi-dimensional concept encompassing both physical and emotional aspects. For instance, it includes a sense of purpose, having a good job, and enjoying positive relationships. Also, it may include having a healthful lifestyle.

The World Health Organisation defines wellbeing as “a state of well-being in which an individual is able to live a full and productive life.” Although this definition is comprehensive, it is also not precise. Therefore, it is important to identify robust measures of well-being.

A robust measure of well-being allows researchers to study the most fundamental dimensions. This information is useful in understanding strengths and weaknesses and in identifying appropriate policies. However, it is important to disentangle the different variables.

One such tool is the PAAR Finger-Pick Blood Test. This test assesses the genetic influence on nutrition, immune system function, inflammation, and injury risk. It also provides a personalised report.

Another multi-dimensional tool is the revised measure of well-being (RWB). This instrument generates insights into the well-being of 21 European countries. Moreover, it provides the first empirical evidence on well-being in different populations.

Wellbeing is an important aspect of life and is a key component of longevity. While the ESS has pioneered empirical evidence on the topic, more rigorous measurements of well-being are needed.

A number of studies have investigated the best ways to measure well-being. One method is to use a composite score. Another is to measure well-being by looking at key demographics. These key demographic variables highlight the overall status quo of a nation, but may also point to inequalities.

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